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01.   Trust & Honest

FG will always be honest to build strong trust with customers.

We do not deceive our customers to pursue profits only.

Trust based on honesty is FG's top priority.

02.  Challenges & Passion

FG is not afraid of challenges.

Constant challenges will lead to the pioneering future of FG.

Even when facing impossibility, it will just be another challenge.

03.  Vision

FG dedicates to the present, predicts the future, and grows together.

FG Will Challenge

We will do our best to satisfy the clients


FG always responds flexibly to any customer's requests.

We actively breakthrough the problems.


FG employees have extensive experience in Offshore & Marine engineering. 


All FG employees have advanced skills in AM use. We are familiar with the engineering tools, process of engineering and material management.


We embrace opportunities for challenges to achieve our goals with confidence, passion, and innovative thinking.