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FG Industry

FG Industry Co., Ltd. will make it the best ENGINEERING 

company in the field of  Offshore & Shipbuilding  with abundant experience.

Excellent Technical Skills

Since its establishment in 2004, FG Industry has established itself as the world's leading engineering total service company with extensive experience and technologies in the Offshore & Marine engineering.

Customer Satisfaction 

FG is a rising company specializing in Offshore Hull side detailed & production engineering. Based on our unique technology for engineering performance, we prioritize meeting the needs of various markets and responding more actively and efficiently to customer needs. We  perform all our duties based on responsibilities and obligations. 

Leader in Offshore Plant Engineering

FG Industry is proud of being the best in the field of marine engineering in Korea Shipbuilding based on various

marine plant engineering experience.

FG will grow into one of the world's leading companies in the field of shipbuilding and marine engineering.